Nickel Silver Sheet

NSS(Nickel Silver Sheet)

is an alternative new raw materials which can replace Cu based FPCB. It is a kind of FPCB with Nickel and some other material alloy for Smartphone intenna & force(pressure) sensor use.
It can be used other variety applications and it has a thickness between 10~100um with 1um unit control.
We are working for several years on a new material development which can replace traditional Cu based FPCB with Nickel metal alloy FPCB and we are supplying to domestic and overseas Smartphone makers as their intenna raw material.

  • NSS(FNCL) Feature
  •    Strong corrosion resistance makes direct surface exposure possibility without any protection treatment.
  •    No plating process need: elimination of environmental noxious elements(wastewater)
  •    High fatigue & fingerprint resistance
  •    High degree of layer composition freedom in case FPCB use
  •    High degree of thickness freedom not like as Cu restriction(e.g. 12 or 18 ㎛)
  • FCCL(Cu) & FNCL(Ni) structure comparison
  • Product
  • FNCL(Flexible Nickel Clad Laminated) Application