Real Time Translator

Real Time Translator (RTT) App

‘RTT’ extracts texts as saved a captured screen image and translates into the desired language using
a Smart phone Camera in real time, with auto focusing capability.
‘RTT’ displays the definition of the captured language in real time with our database of OCR Engine,
electronic dictionary or an outside server.

  • Phone H/W Condition
  •    Camera Pixel : Min 800x480, Auto focus Support
  •    Frame : Min 15f/sec
  •    Text Capturing & Image Processing Time : Max 0.2 sec (Min 5-8 frame)
  •    Frame Speed : 1~4 frame When operating OCR
  •    Frame Speed : According to S/W interface speed When Operating ‘RTT’
  • Phone S/W Condition
  •    Android 2.3.3    IOS    Window, etc
  • OCR Function
  •    English, etc : OCR support 44 Languages
  • Translator (In case of Google translator API)
  •    65 Languages
  • Various related patents are now in progress


RTT Architecturesamsung galaxy note ippQ Translator

Image Prepro U/I OCR E,Dictionary Translator
Extract texts
Image Pre-pro
Camera A/F
U/I, OCR Link
e-Dictionary Link
U/I Develop
- Text
- Sentence
- Page
- Language
Embedded OCR E,Dictionary D/B
- YBM Sisa
- DosanDongA
- GumSungSa
- Collins
Google etc
- Sever OCR

RTT Road Map