Wireless Charging

CidT develops and supply Fast Wireless Charging Pad with applying World 1st FTT (Frequency Tracking technology) for home-based device and automobiles.

< Hyundai Santafe DM (Maxcruz) Fast Wireless Charger (Model : KWA-01) >

  • KWH-01
  • KWA-02
    (All New Tucson)
  • KWA-03
    (All New Sorento)
  • KWA-04
    (All New Carnival)
  • KWA-05
    (All New Malibu)
    Coming soon
  • KWA-06
    (Grandeur IG)
    Coming soon
  • KWA-07
    Coming soon
  • KWB-01
    (New Premium Universe)
    Coming soon

Wireless Charging Software Frequency Tracking Technology (FTT), World First, extract Frequency technology, Non-contact Charging

FTT (Frequency Tracking Technology) - SoftWare Solution

  •    Automatic Temperature Control
  •    Automatic Charging Current Control
  •    Chargeable Area Guide

Electromagnet non-contact charging, charging efficiency of Cell-Phone is changeable relied on position of Cell-phone position from a Pad. When a Cell-phone positioned on an edge of Pad, it occurs heating issue & discharging cell-phone.
To solve these matters, our solution extracts Frequency based on standard of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) and automatic operated by CPU of Cell-phone gives order to signal as guiding Cell-Phone users on LCD Display and/or Sound.

In order to launch electromagnet non-contact charging (Wireless Charging) on Pad Best efficiency Charging arranged by users’ manual action, if not Cell-Phone CPU automatically reduce assumption of Frequency rate not to cause any heating issues. This solution will be to indicate cell-phone users to charge in best efficiency way and moreover use Wireless Charging system wisely & conveniently to avoid heating & discharging of Cell-Phone issues.

Multi- Antenna (NFC, Wireless Charging simultaneous support), World First SLA/Shifted Layer Antenna

SLA (Shifted Layer Antenna) – Antenna Design Solution

  •    High Current Charging (800mA)
  •    High Charging Efficiency
  •    High Quality/No Soldering Point (Reliable)

  •    High Charging Efficiency : To operate extended Chargeable zone & High charging efficiency of Rx Receiver,
                                                     the Second coil Layer is divided & mutually overlaps certain distance in order to minimize
                                                     Magnetic field loss from Charging pad, also to implement high charging efficiency.
  •    Effects : Comparing to existing solution, SLA solution can reduce the loss of charging efficiency when the 2nd coil is
                      not on the proper area.
  •    NFC support : SLA supports simultaneously Near Field Communication solution with 13.56Mhz as its called